Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Earn Money with Can't Beat Free (Better than Swagbucks)

I have been using Can't Beat Free with some very good success lately. It is a website that allows you to earn points (that can be redeemed for gift cards or paypal cash) by watching videos, taking surveys, and completing various tasks and offers. If you aren't already using it, I suggest signing up here.

These are some tips on how I am able to earn gift cards rather fast. Before you get started I recommend setting up a junk email address for completing offers so your normal email address doesn't get spammed.

1) Daily TV
The easiest thing to do is check the TV link daily. There are several videos that can be watched here on a daily basis for a few easy points.

2) CBF Offers
The next thing to check out are the CBF offers (the "Earn Points" button). The easiest thing to do is sort these by either rating or most completed. The offers all tell you exactly what you need to do to complete them making it easy for you. You can do some of these daily, such as the CPC Cheapflights, the DiDi Coupons, and the Daily surveys. You can earn quite a few points from these offers each day. Make sure you hit "Submit" for the offer after completing the required steps.

In addition, you can check the "Last 10 Credited" and "Last 10 Added" on the right and left sidebars to figure out what to do next. The last credited are offers that have recently paid out for other users so you can easily find things that you know are paying out. The last 10 added are good for when you have already completed a lot of offers and are looking for new ones to complete.

3) Offerwall
There are a lot of different ways to earn using the Offerwall. There are links to many different services. I'll go through my favorite ones here.
a) Matomy
Matomy has a videos section with several videos you can watch daily for a 1-3 points each. These are very easy to complete on a daily basis so I recommend doing them each day. There are also tons of other offers to browse through. Some of the ones to register are easy to complete for quite a few points.
b) Radium One
Radium One has a lot of good offers that pay out. This is one of my favorites. The easiest offers to complete are the 1-3 point offers as typically these simply require you to just click a link or to watch a video. I also recommend trying out the free samples offers, as many of those will credit after just entering an email address for 20+ points. Each offer tells you what must be done to complete it so just follow the instructions for some easy points!
c) Gambit
This is just a bunch of videos to watch. All you have to do is play each video all the way through and continue hitting next until all the videos are done! More easy points.
d) Peanut Labs
There are a couple good ways to earn with Peanut Labs. As with most of the other services, Peanut Labs often has a few videos available for a couple points each. In addition, Peanut Labs has surveys that you can take for points. This is a good way to earn lots of points, so check the surveys regularly!
e) Supersonic
Supersonic typically has a couple videos to watch for points. A nice trick with Supersonic is that some of these can be repeated multiple times. After you finish watching all the videos, refresh the page (or close and re-open the Supersonic offers) and see if you can repeat any videos. You can earn quite a few points just by repeating videos here.
f) Crowdflower
This one is a bit different than the others. Crowdflower pays out for completing various tasks. Some of these are easier than others. Most of these can be repeated multiple times for points each time. My favorite are the "Before, After, Overlap" tasks that present a series of sentences and ask you to simply determine whether one phrase happened before, after, or at the same time as another in the timeline of the sentence. When combined with the bonus bars (which I will get to next) you can earn a LOT of points with Crowdflower.

4) Bonus Bars!
This is probably the best part of CBF. There are 2 bonus bars.
a) CBF Bonus Bar
This bar gives you 10 bonus points each time you complete 10 CBF offers. This resets weekly, but you can earn it multiple times.
b) Mega Bonus Bar
This bar is the best way to earn a lot of points. Every time you complete 10 offers worth 3 points or more in a day you will earn 25 bonus points. While most videos are only 1-2 points, you can easily earn this repeatedly using Crowdflower tasks since they can be repeated. This resets daily, so you have to complete 10 offers in a day.

5) Becoming a VIP
You should save all your points first in order to reach the $25 gift card level (2450 points) as this will allow you to become a VIP. As a VIP you have reduced costs for all future gift cards. You can redeem a $20 gift card for the price of a $15 gift card after that.

6) Shoutbox
There are a few good uses for the shoutbox. First of all it posts what offers are crediting from the various offerwalls, so you can get an idea of where to go for some points. In addition there are always people chatting in there, and they will often let you know which offers are crediting.  Keep an eye out here so you never miss out on good offers!

That's it! You can easily earn a few hundred points a day or more on Can't Beat Free in a very short time using these methods.

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