Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kucoin - Make money off of Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency without a ton of knowledge or large investment!

While this isn't exactly a site like swagbucks like we're used to showing off... this is a good way to earn some extra cash.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is all the craze these days, and altcoins are spiking in popularity as well. If you want to get in and earn some cash off of bitcoins and altcoins without needing to know much about all of it, we've got a way!

Kucoin is a service that allows anyone to buy and sell Bitcoins and altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. They also offer their own coin, Kucoins. All you have to do is buy some Kucoins and you get paid back dividends daily just for owning them! Kucoin takes a cut of all the transactions that occur through their site, then they give back 90% of that cut to people who own Kucoins! The more coins you have, the more you get.

Simply sign up for Kucoin, purchase a few Kucoins, and wait for the daily dividends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Best Sites/Apps Like Google Opinion Rewards (But Better!): Alternative Ways to Earn with Surveys and Offers on iOS, Android, and PC

Do you wish you could use Google Opinion Rewards but are on iOS or PC? Are you using the Google Opinion Rewards app but looking for a way to earn more? Here are some alternatives that will have you earning even more money no matter whether you are on iOS, Android, or PC!

InstaGC - This site is the absolute best. Tons of ways to earn including videos, surveys, and more. Plenty of free contests for bonus points. They are currently running a holiday promotion that lets you earn up to 10% more! And the best part is they pay out in a variety of ways including cash (via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or eCheck) or gift cards (dozens/hundreds of varieties). I highly recommend checking this one out first. There is also a helpful community that can offer advice via the chatbox. If you need help on increasing your earnings, make sure to ask there!

SwagBucks - A classic. Decent ways to earn, including just searching the web. Not quite as good as InstaGC, but one of the better sites. Plenty of gift card payout options.

CashCrate - A decent earnings site. Lots of surveys and offers to complete. As a bonus they pay you $0.03 just for logging in and checking out the deal of the day every day. Can choose PayPal as a payout option.

Branded Surveys - This is a decent survey site closer to Google Opinion Rewards than the others. Can earn a decent amount and get paid in cash (via PayPal or Dwolla). This is a nice supplement to Google Opinion Rewards for some extra cash.

These are the best sites/apps like Google Opinion Rewards for earning cash and gift cards for iOS, Android, and PC. If you are looking to increase your earning potential try one, or even all, of these out! If you were to pick just one I would recommend InstaGC as it has the best earning potential.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

InstaGC, the BEST site like SwagBucks (but faster!) for earning cash or gift cards, is having a huge holiday promotion!

InstaGC, the absolute best site like SwagBucks (but faster!), is having a huge holiday promotion right now! If you aren't already a member, I highly recommend checking it out now as it has the best earnings of any site.

This holiday promotion gives you a bonus of up to 10% on everything you do! That's up to 10% more that can be redeemed on tons of gift cards (Amazon, BestBuy, Disney, Etsy, eBay, GameStop, Newegg, Old Navy, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Victoria's Secret, and more!), or even in actual cash (via PayPal, DirectDeposit, or eCheck)! This bonus continues all the way until the new year, so you have several months of free bonuses!

InstaGC offers tons of ways to earn.
  • Earn points for searching the web, just like SwagBucks!
  • Earn points for taking surveys, like Swagbucks.
  • Earn points for various offers on services like Radium one, Peanut Labs, TrialPay, and SuperRewards like you can on SwagBucks but also a bunch more that are not available on SwagBucks like HyperMX, AdWall, PaymentWall, MinuteStaff,, and more!
  • Earn points for completing tasks on CrowdFlower, one of the best ways to earn!
  • Earn points for watching videos, like SwagBucks!
  • Earn bonus points via daily and weekly contests and jackpots!
So, whether you're looking for an alternative to SwagBucks or just looking for a way to earn some free gift cards or cash I highly recommend you check out InstaGC. Not only does it have the best earnings but it has the best variety of payment options, the fastest payment speed, and they have been around for years so they are very reliable!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Get Massive Discounts on Products at

Hey guys! I found a new site for you. This one is a little different in that it's not a way to earn, but a way to save. Elite Deal Club is full of daily discounts on Amazon products. These aren't just small discounts, but discounts of up to 97% off! The way this site works is they ask for reviews of the prodcuts on Amazon in return for the discounted prices. New discounts every day! If you like to shop on then I highly recommend you sign up for Elite Deal Club.

If you're looking for earnings sites then check out the best sites like SwagBucks here. Or you can sign up for instaGC, the best site like SwagBucks.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The best site like SwagBucks!

InstaGC is the absolute best site like SwagBucks out there. They offer the most ways to earn of any site. They pay out quickly and with a ton of different payment methods... everything from gifts cards to tons of places like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Xbox, or other places to straight cash in the form of Check or PayPal!

You can earn with surveys, videos, downloads, or all kinds of offers! They have plenty of offer walls (HyperMX, RadiumOne, Volume11, and about a dozen others), they give out points for searching, or even just for listening to the radio! There are also plenty of free point booster codes given out that give you extra points for free. There are also daily and weekly contests for extra points as well.

Right now they are even running a holiday promotion through the end of the year that gives you bonus points just for completing offers. You can get up to a 10% bonus on all points earned!

So, if you're looking for alternatives to SwagBucks... make sure you sign up for InstaGC now!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

SwagBucks doesn't even compare to instaGC!

I found another awesome gift card earnings site for you! This one is called instaGC and it is the best yet. This site has the most offer walls of any site I've seen. It also has really easy videos and points for clicks listed right in the menu. You can redeem gift cards for as low as about 100 points, which is great. They also have a ton of different gift card options available including Amazon, Aeropostale, Best Buy, Chipotle, ebay, Facebook, GameStop, Microsoft Points, Old Navy, Steam, Riot Points, Walmart, and a ton of others. In addition, they will also pay out via Check, Direct Deposit, or PayPal. This really is one of the better GPT sites out there.

In addition to the normal earning options there are plenty of bonus chances for completing offers or Crowd Flower tasks. Just by completing some offers you can get an extra 100 points.There are plenty of surveys and videos for points. You can earn lots of points for signing up for free trials as well.

Just recently instaGC has also added bonuses! You can earn up to a 5% bonus each week just by completing offers like you normally would. The best way to earn just got even better!

You can sign up for instaGC for instant money.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

List of Current Good Sites Like Swagbucks

This is a consolidated list of all the best sites like SwagBucks. If you are looking for earnings sites check these out:

instaGC (my personal favorite)
Branded Surveys
Gift Hunter Club

AdFly - This one is a little different. It doesn't pay out via offers but it pays out for sharing links.

Check out one of these or all of them to earn even more!

Amazon Contextual Product Ads